Typhoon Roll-out

Produced for BAE Systems by
WRG Manchester

With thanks to

  • WRG Creative
  • WRG Live
  • WRG Logistics
  • WRG Film

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Typhoon Roll-out

On behalf of their consortium, BAE Systems asked us to help celebrate the handover of seventy-two Eurofighters to the Royal Saudi Air Force...

The Challenge

To create an event of sufficient gravitas to match the cultural significance of this historic handover.

The Solution

Within a bespoke auditorium built inside an aircraft hangar, we firstly teased the audience with a giant 3D projection of the jet…

Then, we parted the back wall of the theatre and — in a dazzling, unanticipated introduction — pushed the actual jet out into the hall.

Ushering the guests out onto the tarmac, we crowned the celebration with a stunning flypast over the desert airfield.

The Result

Strengthened national ties, deeper business and personal relationships — all from a well orchestrated, well delivered launch.

The Unforgettable Moment

The audible surprise as the nose of the Eurofighter pierced a wall of smoke to loom over the unsuspecting front row…

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